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Digital Foundations: Introduction to Media Design with the Adobe Creative Suite integrates the formal principles of the Bauhaus Basic Course into an introduction to digital media production with the Adobe Creative Suite.

Textbooks and software manuals on today’s market do not include art and design history or visual principles. This book synthesizes historical examples and traditional studio foundation exercises into smart, well-paced software exercises. See it for yourself in Chapter 5, where we explore Illustrator's Color Picker through Joseph Albers’ color exercises.

Digital media texts about Adobe Creative Suite, whether they are “Bibles”, “For Dummies” or “Classroom in a Books”, focus on tools and production tips. Digital Foundations is the only textbook that teaches visual skills through production tools. Look at our Table of Contents. It is organized by visual topics, including symmetry, line art, tonal scale, elements of motion, and more. Digital Foundations is not specifically for dummies or classrooms. It was made for self-learners, artists, designers, as well as classroom applications. We wrote this book for our classrooms as well as for our parents!

The exercises in all twenty chapters have been tested and proven in our classrooms. We plan to use the book in multiple courses including foundations media design, introduction to graphic design, introduction to web design, and graphics communications.

-xtine & Michael

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Chapter 1 CS4


We just signed a contract with New Riders/AIGA Design Press. The contract specifies that the book and all of the exercises will be licensed under Creative Commons (CC+ BY-NC-SA). This is the first Creative Commons contract issued by New Riders, their parent company Peachpit, their grandparent company Pearson, or their great-grandparent company Prentice Hall.

We are approximately 66% to 75% finished with the writing process, and closing in fast.

We have a formal "all in" date in October, and hope to have it in print by the end of the Fall Semester for Spring 09 adoption.


You will be able to order a copy of the book here.


If you are an instructor interested in adopting this book in your course, please request a free review copy through Pearson's website.

If you are a member of the press, and would like a copy to review, are interested in scheduling an interview, or excerpting from the book please contact

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